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Who we are

Radiare is a trailblazer in the grape world, continually problem solving, innovating and developing top quality products for our customers.

Caring passionately about the impact our work has on the environment and the sustainability of what we do.

As a team we strive to work hard to give back in the localities in which we operate.

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What we do

Radiare procures fresh produce, mainly grapes, but also citrus and avocados, from around the world to supply retailers in Spain and Europe, plus the finest selection to non-retail customers.

Delivering bespoke solutions for both growers and customers to ensure the service provided is market leading and best in class. 

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For us, sustainability is a way of working. It’s common sense, it’s how we guarantee our future.


No sector of our business is exempt from Social Responsibility and Environmental Awareness.


Where others scratch the surface, we dig deep. We are the farms, we are the people, we ‘are’ the planet… together ‘we’ are the future.


We are committed to eradictating modern slavery to ensure the poeple of this planet are respected in a deliberate way.

A way of creating Europe.

European Regional Development Fund.

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